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06/26/15 12:40am

Hey guys,

I've got a couple new features I wanna talk about in v2.0.3. First off is the new Shiny Pokemon Icons I rolled out a couple days ago. I found these on an incredible compitilation made for the PokeSprite project, and I've implimented them into TPK! Maybe one day in the future we might have icons for all Types (But lets not get ahead of ourselves). A link to the project can be found below.

Also, The Scatterbug Bug Tracker has been released, which is a way for users to report bugs. This is really a way for you guys to hold me accountable to fix stuff, as everyone can see the (usually blatant) flaws in my game. There is a public section, and a private section, which only I can see. Any game breaking bugs or exploits should use that. If its a quick error, and I'm coding, chats are still a fine way to report bugs. But if I tell you I can't code right now and I'll get it later, don't believe me and post it on the bug tracker. Hopefully this will better equip me to deal with some of TPK's problems.


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