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06/23/15 11:53pm

Trainers of TPK,

Blissey Gyms are not officially part of TPK.

Training gyms are player owned and operated. As an admin, the only regulation I impose is that Training Gyms must have 6 pokemon in the roster, this is simply to require more work put into a Training Gym to reap the rewards. It used to be blatantly programmed, now I entrust the members to regulate that on their own. Today however question was arose about who really owns the training gym, and I've come to the realization that as a player I've made a few mistakes in assuming who owns the gym. At the bottom of this post you will find a link to the Training Gym logs, where I track all training done on the Gym. 66% of that training is Altios and I, and we are each going to be taking our 4ks. The remaining Blisseys in Jim (#294) will be a community account, where there will be non attacking moves.

Blissey Training will continue like normal on #294. I will continue to manage the account, and players can ask me for Blisseys to train. IRC is usually the best bet. If other players would like to create their own community gyms, that is allowed. However before you create an account, please contact me, so I know you are doing it and can restate rules about owning a Gym. (ChaoZ has plenty of Cl. Happinies to spare :P )

I feel like part of this is my fault, so I'd like to apologise if I personally upset anyone. I hope we can all continue clicking away in a psuedo peace where we all secretly hate each other but make are intentions in vaguley threatening posts which are undecipherable to anyone not in on the gig.


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