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Happy Birthday B0sh!

07/10/15 12:02am

Hello TPK!

Today is my 18th birthday, and to celebrate I wrote a quick little event for you guys. Today will be a 1.18x exp event, all day long! One of my favorite features that gets unused is the option to turn TPK into Hexadecimal mode. Players using hexadecimal get a double bonus, bring the exp boost to 1.36x! You can activate hexadecimal mode in the number formatting segment of the options page.

The real event can be found in the gyms. Here is your hint:

Remember, press space to interact!

Disclaimer: unlike many other past TPK events, this one was not intended to be difficult, players of any merit should easily be able to tackle this. Repeated completions of the event could result in more prizes, however the main prize is given out upon the first completion.

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