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04/14/15 09:47pm

All Signatures (Profile), Profile Comments, Signatures (Clan Guest/Private) have been reset due to a BBCode and several security changes, sorry for the inconvenience.

Due to the vast amount of changes with BBCodes tonight at 12:30-1AM TPK time I'll be resetting all profile comments, clan signatures the reason I'm telling everyone now is that I know some of you have long profile comments/signatures displaying your achievements, wanted stuff and etc so therefore you can save them before I reset them.

Hey TPK, sorry I've been inactivity these past few days work got extremely busy had such little free time but starting Wednesdays I'll be completely free meaning I can invest a good amount of time into programming and interacting with the community more! ~ Kratos

Hey guys, today I want to discuss a few things that have been on my mind lately.

To you regular players out there, the chatroom is the number one way to interact with TPK. Our forums and social media get little to no use at all. As such I've been thinking about ways to improve the chatroom experience on TPK. I'm throwing out ideas right now, and I want to hear the communities input on some of these ideas.

Idea #1: Chatroom integrated into TPK. Many websites have ways to chat right from the browser window, allowing you to play the game and chat simultaneously. The advantage of this is that it can really make the game feel more alive, as well as encouraging users to interact with the community. The technical challenges however can be a little challenging. I do not want to ditch IRC, to use a web-only client such as C-Box, as I want users to remain using their current IRC clients. One way I can do this is include mibbit or something simialr into the page, and have a slide out bar similar to the one we recently added for notifications. It could flash if there were any messages, something like that. Another idea is for me to write my IRC client, that way I can display the text however I want. You could have it be pulled out, resizeable, and it could even have interaction with the game, such as displaying Pokemon or trades using some code I write. Colored names, irc icons, and all that stuff could be done, given out as rewards in game.

Idea #2: Branching of the final bits of my idea, I wanted to add more functionality to the chatroom. A way to give myself further control is to run my own IRC Server. #TPK has been on lucidchat for over 4 years now, and leaving it is leaving behind one of the most active chatrooms on that server. We also lose any potential new members stumbling around in the chanlist. Here's an example of potential things I could implement (If I can figure out a way to be secure with this): User/Chat sync, money transfer via chat, random contests done via chat run by Scyther, minigames in chat with TPK rewards. Scyther could expand even larger than it is right now. I really want your opinions on this one. Do you think that its worth it to switch over?

Idea #3: Weekly TPK Gatherings. We would set a weekly date to discuss TPK, and everyone would have the assurance that there will be players present. This idea could also be expanded for contests. With a bot running contests as mentioned earlier, The human element which has caused our weekly contest idea to never take off is eliminated. We can also do weekly Team Speak sessions to encourage Team Speak usage.

I know this was a good deal of information, and most of it really only applies to the most active of players. I'm looking for a lot of input on this before I make any decisions, send me a PM, I'd be happy to discuss and ideas or concerns you may have.

Have fun

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