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More updates!

04/10/15 04:53pm

Woohoo! More updates!

The last few days I've been working non-stop on the map system, and I have 2 new features to announce: Buildings and Objects. I've reworked almost all of the map code to allow me to place down objects on the ground, as well as transporting between different map areas. What this means for TPK is that we can now have people to interact with, and items to be picked up from the ground. So far there is only one building, and thats the one right at spawn. (Interested in making buildings? Message me) I've also implmented those Pokeballs on the ground that you guys have wanted to pick up so much the last 10 days. Hope you guys enjoy!

The next update planned for is catching Pokemon with pokeballs and fishing. I should be able to do both of those by monday.

If you guys are wondering how I have so much time, I'm on spring break right now. Been doing 10 hour TPK days the last week or so.

Have fun guys!

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