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05/28/15 08:17am

Hey guys!

About a week ago I graduated high school. Cool. First off I want to thank you guys, as I do so often. TPK has been there even before I went into high school, and all of you have made my experience these last years even more amazing than it would've been before.

Many of you guys are finishing school as well, and the summer is here. So what does this mean for TPK?  More activity! We've had some new players welcomed into the TPK family, and some old ones have been returning. I wanna keep you guys around, so I've been working hard on the game.

Today, I revamped the special mines feature. In special mines, you will now earn close to your true value of ores for all ores, and earn more exp. But the mines do not last as long. Miners be sure to mine them while they are up. As they dry out new ones will be spawned in periodically.

Scyther has been recoded in node.js! This has been my first foray into node.js, which will aid me greatly in implimenting an in-browser IRC client for TPK as talked about in the last post. Scyther should now stay online 24/7 and not crash daily like before (unless my code is bad). Also, !ohko is back! Go to for a full list of commands.

I'm leaving on a trip for about a week or so, but don't fret! I'll always be around on IRC thanks to my phone, and I'll be doing coding at night. It'll be like I never left.

Keep it up guys,

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