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04/02/15 12:00am

Surprise! I'm sure a lot of you figured out by now that B0sh's "prank" wasn't really a prank!

I'd like to introduce TPK V2.0.0 successor of V1.6 and renamed version of V1.7.0 over these past few months I and B0sh have been working extremely hard to bring out this version despite the minor designing changes V2.0.0 has a lot to offer here are some highlights of the new changes.

- Pokemon Center: A whole new advanced feature which contains all Pokemon related stuff such as Box, Bag, Moves and etc!
- Battle: A complete new design and complete new Battle with over 450 moves available!
- EVs/IVs/Natures
- Maps: A whole new world to explore!
- Battle Frontier & Pokedex Challege
- Revamped features: WTC, Clan Showdown
- New Trade System
- Banking System
- Pokemon Loaning System

There is so much more just explore and see for yourself but, it doesn't end here I and B0sh will start doing more frequent updates from now on expect TPK to start advancing more!

Of course a special thanks to Nekomata for her hard effort on the maps and ideas for V2.0!

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