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04/01/15 12:42am

I just wanted to say personally... HA! ~ Kratos :)


I hope you guys like my prank! I bet when you logged on to TPK you thought that there was a new version. HA! Its actually the same game, it just looks a little different. Don't fret though, after today everything will be back to normal.

We're making really good progress on v1.7! We should be able to release in about month from now. Theres been SO many interesting developments lately. I'm releasing something I haven't released before, a complete list of the highlights of the new version. Its practically impossible to list all the changes, and I'm sure I missed some things.

- Pokemon Center which merges the box, bag, and other misc Pokemon things
- A brand new battle system with over 450 move effects proprely coded
- EVs/IVs/Natures
- Walkable maps
- New challenges in the Battle Frontier
- Revamped Weekly Training Contest and Clan Shwodown
- New trading system allowing for ores to be traded
- Pokemon loaning system
- All new Shop and Map Pokemon
- Bank
- Last Battle Time Checker due to popular demand
- 6 new Achievements
- 10 new glitch Pokemon

I hope you guys are as excited for the new version as I am! The amount of work Kratos and I have put in the last year is incredible. I know I've been saying this for months now, but truly is its almost done.

Hang in there TPK, and happy April Fools!

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