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A Long Awaited Update

03/04/15 10:26pm

Hey everyone I thought I'd share some good news as well despite being busy as usual I've been putting some time and effort into V1.7 not as much as B0sh but I'm working with the best I got I thought I'd share this with everyone bring the spirits up for TPK! ~ Kratos

Hello TPK!

I've been quite pleased with the increase in activity lately. You guys are starting to have fun with TPK again, and I am too. If you've been in chats lately, you'll probably find me either complaining about technical issues or whining that I don't want to program what I have to do. Which are 2 sure signs that I've been working on v1.7. I've finally reached that point where I can dedicate a large amount of time to TPK again, and I've been taking full advantage of it.

Just a snapchat of what Kratos and I have coded over the last 2 weeks: Mining System, Achievements, Ban Appeals, WTC, Pokemon Loans, and tons and tons of bug fixes and smaller features

1.7 was still looking months away, but I decided to make a key change. Several feature overhauls were planned, and a few completely new features were going to be added. Instead of doing these for 1.7's release, I've decided to push them back as later updates to TPK. It'll get 1.7 out earlier and increase activity. People like seeing updates, and I like coding that way.

To build some hype I have 2 features I'd like to talk about right now, the first of which being username changing. v1.7 will allow all users to change their username, a long awaited feature. Each users original (sign up) name will be tracked and displayed on your profile, but everywhere else your new name will be displayed (and on your profile as well). You will only be able to change your name once every 30 days, and all name rules apply.

Another feature is the Pokemon Center, which many many hours have been spent on. Its nearly finished, but there are some graphical quirks we are still working on. I'll let the video below speak for itself.
(Our BBCode is broken - its fixed in 1.7 though)

The future of TPK is looking brighter and brighter. Every day v1.7 is growing, and soon it will be complete.

PS: We are looking for people to make maps for 1.7. PM B0sh on chats if you are interested.

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