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Bug Fixes Galore!

04/03/15 09:30pm

Edit by Neko: Heya, TPK, sorry for my recent absence from TPK. A combination of classwork and health issues threw a wrench in things.

Anyway, just letting you guys know that I'm back to spriting. Since I'm still busy with university work and other projects, it'll be slow progress- but I'll try to get one sprite each night before I go to bed. I may skip some nights to put a little focus on the map's (that counts as spriting, I suppose), though- so please be patient as I try to catch up with everything again.

- Neko

Just another note about bugs if you guys run into any "Error: The PDO script has fail to run, report to an Admin." please be more specific about the error like what page it was on how you triggered the error it'll help fix the issue much more faster thanks! ~ Kratos

Hey guys,

v2.0 has gotten out to a great start, and I'm thrilled that you guys love it as much as I do! Thanks for putting up with all the bugs and glitches that the first few days have had, Kratos and I have been working overtime 24/7 fixing all the problems. If there's any other problems you've found please contact me in chats or via PM. I'll reply to you as fast as possible.

We just released the Market Place, with new items and Pokemon from v1.6! Tomorrow I plan on implementing Surfing, and Fishing if I have time.

I also wanna let you guys know I installed a Team Speak 3 server on TPK! You can connect to it through the IP below. All rules of chat in TPK IRC Chat and the RPG still apply. I'll be here a ton over the next week, so if you've ever wanted to talk to B0sh now your chance. If you need help installing the program or anything let me know, I'd be happy to help


Keep living,

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