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10/27/14 11:34pm

Kratos: I'm just informing everyone I haven't died or anything (lol) just as usually extremely busy with work and stuff hopefully when I get the chance I'll start getting back to work on V1.7 and do as much as I can. As for the the Halloween event it was slightly different then we originally planned (cause you know B0sh did it so it was expected) but I hope everyone enjoyed the event.

Edit: Captcha issue has been fixed

Tonight the TPK Halloween event for 2014 has started. I realize there hasn't been a lot of activity, but hopefully that won't stop this event from being a success.

The event starts today on the 28th, and ends on Saturday November 1st. You can access the Event through the navigation on the side bar as usual. It should be fairly obvious I coded the event by myself; as noted by the lack of fancy styling. The event should be fairly self-explanatory, you earn tricks or treats through completing Halloween quests. Tricks and treats have their own separate quests. You can use these 2 currencies to purchase soulless attempts for past soulless Pokemon.

This event will allow you to obtain some Soulless Pokemon previously stated as unobtainable. I realize some people may have concerns about that so feel free to ask any questions.

Good Luck to All!

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