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Rules Update & V1.7 Progress

09/23/14 02:55am

Edit by Seraphim (Kratos): Hey guys, I know it's been awhile and much hasn't been happening activity has dropped I and B0sh both have been extremely busy this goes for a remaining two staff members aswell I know TPK has been at a very slow pace lately but please bear with us guys.

As you most likely noticed if you're viewing this via logged in RPG the rules have been updated every single rule was updated slightly and a new rule 17 was added carefully go through these rules as we will strictly enforce them. If you have any questions, concerns or possibly see a issue within the updated rules you can contact any staff member by PM, Forum or Chat (if they're online) you may also reply within the news comment section within the forums please follow these new rules and enjoy your time at TPK!

Despite being extremely busy with work and handling things for college I've been trying my best to work on V1.7 and so has B0sh progress maybe a little slow but it's still being worked on we hope to release it sometime early 2015.. hopefully but I can assure everyone the wait is totally worth it so keep checking up on the V1.7 section for a couple of spoilers (and nope the best ones stay hidden ;D).

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