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Sprites, Sprites, Sprites!

08/27/14 01:30am

Heya, TPK!

As many of you may have already noticed- I've uploaded a large amount of sprites over the last few days. There should no longer be any missing sprites for Soulless, Forest, Cloud, or Spirit Pokemon anymore. Yay! It only took me over half of the year to catch up with all of the spriting. Sorry for that- but it's done...

Now... with that said- I still have a lot of work to get done. Remember all of the sprites I did way back when I first joined TPK? Yeah... they're not up to the same level of quality as some of the newer sprites. I'll be adding many of the older sprites to the sprite poll- some just need minor edits, others will be redone entirely. In addition to that- I'll be accepting sprite requests from members that will also get added to the sprite poll.

I've created a thread in the forums for feedback on sprites that need to be redone and requests. You can view the thread here!

Thanks for your patience with the sprites!

- Neko

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