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v1.7 Updates

11/16/14 08:30am

Kratos: I've managed to fix the forum and restore it to it's original state, hopefully we'll have TPK's mail server back and running soon.

Kratos: So I'll be adding another system into Trade which will be known as "Global Trading", this feature allows you to put up Pokemon for trade and other people can offer on it or you can specific exactly what you want. I'll provide some screenshots and more details after the feature has been added.

Personally, I've been spending several hours a day working on v1.7 over the last week, and the result of that is the best Trade System TPK has ever had to offer! I just love it so much that I wanted to share with everyone. This new system blows the old one out the water, making it both easier to trade and stabler.

The following changes have been made:
- The new box access system has been added to trade, allowing you to search for Pokemon while creating a trade.
- While creating a trade if you leave the page you can go back to it and work on your offer some more
- Ores can now be traded
- Items will remain attached to the Pokemon they were traded with
- Pokemon in trade offers are saved to the database, meaning that if the Pokemon is released it will still appear in old trade offer.

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I hope you are looking forward to v1.7 as much as I am!

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