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The Hexadecimal Conversion

04/01/14 12:04am

Warning! You may have to clear your cache to see the original sprites.

Kratos Edit: Aha, funny how some of you took it so seriously anyhow all sprites are back and up and the site should be smooth it was quite a day.

APRIL FOOLS (Warning bright colors)
TPK had a lot of April Fools maddness today, some of it good, and others didn't really turn out so good. But lets just say everything is going to turn back to normal. My hexadecimal system will be retracted. (Although it will remain in TPK, I wasn't lying when I said I actually liked it ;)) As for the other pranks, SoullessBidoof was not a prank (although intentional) and it will remain the Soulless for the next 14 wonderful days. I hope that you guys had a good day, despite the game not being playable for people that aren't math nerds.
Change to and from hexadecimal mode (For those who want it)

Upon logging into to TPK today, it should be readily apparent that something isn't quite the same. TPK has migrated over to the Hexadecimal numbering system. To give a quick synopsis, the standard decimal system is one based off of the powers of 10. So for example 10^1 = 10, 10^2 = 100, ect (Hey, thats the Trainer Level Formula!). This is known as base 10. Hexadecimal is in base 16. Therefore, in hexadecimal 16^1 = 10, and 16^2 = 100. Also, there are 6 extra "numbers" (A, B, C, D, E, F) that express the values that come after 9.

Why is TPK making this change? The decimal system is by far the most common system used, and TPK has always prided itself on being unique. Using a hexadecimal system is extremely farfetch'd. It also is easier to perform computations on. Most of you know about binary, the computer numbering system based off of 1s and 0s. As a number binary can be treated the same as other numbering systems, but in base 2. Each digit in hexadecimal is one of 16 possibilities, and since it is a power of 2, it is much simpler to represent that in binary. To put it another way, each digit in hexadecimal is 4 digits in binary. Since there is an exact number of binary digits in the hexadecimal digits, storing numbers this way allows for faster math.

Please Read:
This system is not fully implemented, and there are a few things to let you know. All ID numbers are left in decimal for the time being. All in game forms should still use decimal numbering. If you find any numbers not represented in hexadecimal please let me know in chat. There is a lot of numbers in TPK, so I'm sure I missed a few here and there.

I know this change will come as a shock to most of you. It will take some time to get used to the hexadecimal system, but I assure you it will pay off in the long run.

EDIT: For those interested, I have written a TPK Tools function to convert from hexadecimal to hexadecimal, so that people can start antiquating themselves with the base 16 system.

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