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04/02/14 03:31pm

Just a reminder for tonight's contest! Prizes are:

1st - Shiny Scyther
2nd - Forest Chikorita
3rd - Shiny Beldum
(And avatar requests)

There will be another contest this Wednesday, April 9th, as well as one on April 23rd. Both will follow the same rules and such as the previous one.

GoldenBagon has been promoted to Moderator.

The contest is over! Thanks to everyone who participated- we had a great time! 16 new sprites have been added to the site in the process! I'll try to do this again in the near-future, so keep an eye on the news!

Hey again, TPK!

In just a few hours the contest will begin! However- there are still a few things to go over before we begin...

As stated before, the contest will take place on a livestream as I sprite for hours on end! Everyone's goal will be to accurately guess the music in the background as I work!

So how exactly will that work? Well- every time a new track starts on the stream, everyone will be allowed to send one PM to me (ID: 7) with their guess on what the track is. Even if you don't know the exact name of the track, you can get points for the following information:

Track Name (Full point credit)
Composer Name (2/3 credit)
Movie/Game Name (1/3 credit)

With Final Fantasy Music, 2/3 credit will be given for what game in the series it is from- 1/3 for just saying Final Fantasy. (In place of Composer since most FF music is from the same composer)

Bonus points will be available in the stream chat for pointing out solos as they happen- but you only get points if you can identify the instrument! (Do not PM for these) Only the first person to guess what instrument is playing the solo will get points.

All tracks will be worth a different amount of points depending on how well known it is. The lesser known, the more it will be worth. Points will be tallied about every half hour.

A lot of the music that will be played will come from various movie soundtracks, video games, or random band geek music. Since a lot of it may be difficult to guess- here's some information on my playlist to help with the guessing!

- Lots of Final Fantasy Music (You must guess from what game- the series itself will not count)
- Lots of John Williams Stuff (If it sounds like a movie soundtrack, this is a decent guess for composer!)
- At least 8 different movies are included - some well known, others not quite as known.
- There's also a bit of Pokemon music in there
- A total of three different video games- one of which will be difficult to guess for most

Please note that the livestream is open for everyone- not just members of TPK. Treat everyone respectfully and follow all site and stream rules.

If you have any questions regarding the contest and how it will work, do not hesitate to ask! I will check the news comments every now and then and do my best to help everyone out.

Lastly- here is the link for the livestream for those who missed it. Kratos was kind enough to make a special page for the stream here on TPK where you can go about your normal TPK stuff while still watching the stream! Here they are!

TPK Page
Official Stream Page

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