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03/28/14 11:33pm

Heya, TPK!

Sorry for my recent absence from this place. Life got a bit chaotic there for a while.

Anyway- since there's still a truckload of spriting that needs to get done, I'll be having a spriting marathon on Wednesday, April 2nd at 6:00 PM TPK time! I will be livestreaming every sprite made and will be taking immediate requests from the to-do list during this time!

More importantly- during the livestream there will be an ongoing contest for anyone who participates! You don't have to stay the entire time to win- but it certainly would help! The prizes are as follows....

1st place: Cloud Growlithe
2nd Place: Shiny Axew
3rd Place: Animated Avatar (Like mine!)

The contest will be simple- though a bit challenging. During the livestream I will have some random music playing in the background. The music will range from video game music, movie soundtracks, to band geek stuff. Guessing the song's name will get you points (the amount varying on how well known the piece is)- as will guessing the movie/game it came from (not as many points as the name itself). The person with the most points ends.

The livestream will go on for at least a few hours. During this time I invite anyone and everyone to drop by, request, and participate in the contest! I find that working with people watching keeps me a bit focused and will help me shorten that to-do list I've got!

Edit: Here's a link to the stream for future reference: Livestream page!

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