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01/31/14 11:33pm

A lot has happened since the reset for v1.5. While I can't honestly say that it was a good idea to reset, the reality of it is that it happened, and we're still growing and evolving. TPK is still TPK. What many of you may not know, is that TPK v1.5 has been around for a whole year. Thats right, on February 1st 12:07 am I released v1.5 to the public. The steam from the initial release didn't exactly hold on, but we still have enough members to hold a grand event.

I'm sure our old timers remember the opening event. In fact once in a while I'll hear people bring up how fun that is. This event is going to be a spin off of that event, this time involving the community. Just like before there are 7 days, 7 quests, and 7 prizes. But now there are 7 community goals. With each quest the whole community has to come together for anyone at all to get the prize. Prizes are awarded at the end, with a very awesome Pokemon for anyone who completes all 7 quests. But if the community cannot finish the quests, then that Pokemon will lay rest for the 2nd birthday "bash".

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