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01/27/14 01:56am

Neko Edit: Heya, everyone! For those who haven't noticed, the sprite poll is being reset on a more-less daily basis now as I pick up the pace on getting those sprites done! So be sure to check the poll every day! It may seem silly, but it helps me decide what sprite to make next (cause I'm highly indecisive!) I'm hoping to get that to-do list shortened down by the end of next month!

Once again, thanks for your patience!

Update on Trade: I've found several issues on trade which can lead into problems I decided I'd completely recode the script, so until further notice trade will be down.

I know there hasn't been much talk about this however I'll like to go further detail in this for those who don't understand, our actual goal was to release V1.6.0 with some new bigger upgrades however we were so excited to release the new layout we pushed it out and decided we'd release V1.6.0 with a new layout update and minor changes to few pages however, we currently are working on V1.6.5 which will hold more updates and upgrades I'll likely post screenshots of a few new changes here and there but majority of the upgrades will be backend coding improved which helps the site load faster and it'll be more secure but, if you wish to see something new in V1.6.5 you can always visit the forums and post an idea I started a new topic about that so feel free another heads up TPK's Birthday is coming up on February, 1st so we'll be holding a event that day aswell! That's all for now ~ Kratos

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