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02/06/14 04:35pm

Chat Contest: Ever wanted to kick the staff members for fun? Well tonight is your opportunity to do so- without getting banned for it! In fact- you might even get a rare prize in the process! All participants need to be in the chats by 6:55 PM TPK time to go over rules. It'll be fun!

Thanks to all who participated!

Edit by Kratos: So, I've re-coded the layout in HTML5/CSS purely for V1.6.5 which means it'll be much faster I did some slight edits to the designed and increase content width progress for V1.6.5 has been okay but I'll get back to you guys about more stuff soon.

Edit: Event is over! Congratulations to those who managed to perservere throughout all 7 events and obtain the mythical rainbow pokemon ForestHo-oh! Thanks to the members who participated in even 1 event to help us celebrate TPKs birthday!

Warning for those of you who actually play TPPC, The covenant on there is NOT me. So beware, I have been informed that he has been using my name claiming to want to trade ForestLucario for pokemon on TPPC, No matter what, do NOT accept this, I have taken steps to ensure that whoever is claiming to be me will be banned from both TPPC and TPK.


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