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The Deal.

01/01/14 01:33am

Edit: Congratulations to Starscream for being promoted to Trial Moderator!
Also, congratulations to Covenant for being promoted to Super Moderator!
I would also like to take this time to remind you guys to NOT spam click battles. If it takes more time to battle by not spam clicking, so be it. You stand a less chance of NOT being banned by not spam clicking ANYTHING. Thanks. -Covenant

Now here's the deal cause what B0sh did without even talking to me pissed the hell outta of me, if you've been banned and now have a chance to play again we'll have eyes on you we'll go hard core on you yeah sorry to be an *** but I'm one so going on any slips up depending on you previous bans will be fatal and can lead to "REAL" Perm bans, this coming straight from me "Kratos" no games no nothing I'm gonna be strict. You've been warned I recommend you listen to me cause no matter what crap you do I will find out.

Oh and... Happy New Years. :)

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