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2014 - New year, new TPK

12/31/13 01:23am

Many people say that the year flies by, but I in turn think that it is just the passing of time, slow and steady as it always is.

Why so dramatic B0sh? It's because I have a big announcement to make. On January 1st 2014, I, the game owner and creator of TPK, am allowing all previously banned players to start over and create a new account. (With the exception of Luciario2000 of course)

There are so many reasons why this change is occurring, and I'm going to just rant and see what comes out.

The first month of TPK started out great, we were doing real well (with some hardcore cheaters, that were rightfully banned) and then we added Nakayomi to our staff list. Activity plummeted. (To leave any opinions out of the situation between Nakayomi and I) Within 2 months we had 500 accounts, over two-fifths of which were banned. It was extremely painful trying to get activity back to the game, and after 8 months, this game has not recovered nearly to the potential it was at before. Notice how not once have we gone above 30 members online, and we had 49 members online on the second day. Today, we are making slow progress toward a more active game. Today, we have a group of about 10 extremely dedicated players and about 40 more regular players.

What does all of this have to do with letting banned players back? During this escapade in the first 5 months of the game, many many players were banned. There were a few players who were banned for stupid reasons, or for reasons they had no control over (ie: I showed my friend how much I liked TPK and I made him an account so we can both play, because we both played at my house I am banned for life) Also, some players banned rightfully were banned so long ago that its about time for them to get a second chance. I cannot say that I agree with our rules at all, and that does not bode well for me being a game admin. The only problem with me updating the rules is that I'm the only one who thinks updating them is a good idea. So, there is a cycle that ends up happening.  I'm pushing for game rule updates and they are coming.

(Yea that didn't have much relevance to the topic at hand)

To all banned members:
When registering for your new account, please click you were previously banned. We will be watching you especially. Please do not create multiple accounts (ie storage) for 2 months. To some of you who have committed greater offenses to the TPK community, this may be your final chance. Each situation will be dealt with on a case by case basis. And of course, Lucario2000 (or whatever you are named at the moment), you are the exception to this statement.

If you have any concerns or questions please post them in this topic. I have all the answers.

Perhaps a little kick-start like this is whats needed to get TPK back rolling again.


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