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Contest Over & Cronjob Issues

11/02/13 12:41pm

Update by Kratos #2: Majority of the Sprites have been changed if you haven't notice any change hard refresh if there is still not change that means the sprite hasn't been updated yet.

If you want to request for a sprite you can do so here; Neko's Thread

Update by Kratos: As some of you may have notice on the staff list, Nekomata is back and working for TPK again so you'll notice a huge change on the sprites once again and hopefully last time (lol..).

Update: Slight change! Check the thread! Contest!:
Did you miss the first Cloud Slakoth contest or just didn't have the time to join? A raffle is now being held on the contest section of forums to have a chance to win again! Contest will end November 28 make sure to sign up!

Update #2: I managed to fix the cronjobs and they should run steady now.

Update: I apologize for my earlier actions however, due to the fact Infiniti isn't a legit account according to users I've banned it and removed all it's stats. I'll no longer play TPK as a active member.

Last nights contest has ended with two winners; WDNC and Masterash12. I'm very sorry for the issues that Covenant caused due to his personally issues at the moment he won't be on for a little. Aside from that possibly this week or next week two new Mega Evolutions will be released, be sure to keep your eye on the news.

At the moment our cronjobs is having issue thus why the Rarity List and other things haven't updated properly we're currently looking into it so please wait patiently thanks everyone.

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