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Chat contest!

10/24/13 10:10pm

Reminder: For those entering the contest it will start at 10PM you have until 10:10PM to join the contest any later and you will not be able to enter.

Mega Update: Due to Mega stones being found too fast every time you find a Mega stone the chances increase for you only, 500 + 70 * (How many stones you found.).

Mega Evolutions Released: Okay, so finally I've released 4 Mega Stones which can be found in certain maps chance of finding one of these stones is 1/500. Depending on the item and Pokemon you can Mega evolve them so good luck and have fun.

Kratos Edit: Alright another update on Mega Evolutions, did some testing made sure they worked correct (Status, etc) they will be released tonight hopefully if not tomorrow. If you're wondering who has that Mega Charizard X, I do I'm Infiniti for those who don't know.

TPK chats have been dead for awhile, and frankly I'm tired of it.. So! I have decided to hold a contest in hopes of making the chats more lively.

Time: November 1st - 10PM TPK time.

Prize Pool:
*Note: Prizes vary depending on the amount of participants, and will be cancelled if the amount of participants isn't 5.

5-9: C. Hera
10-15: C. Hera, Sp. Treeko
15+ C. Hera, Sp. Treeko, S. Scyther M/F or (?)

None! Just be on chats at time said above.

Good luck, and have fun you guys!

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