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What happened?

11/21/13 12:47am

Update by Kratos #2: I managed to fix a few errors going around also trade had some issues so I reset it, all intrade Pokemon should be in box again.

Contest Update! There is only one more day till the numbers will be chosen in the Cloud Slakoth raffle. If you haven't entered yet be sure to turn in your level 500 Tyrogue and enter your number! Contest finished results posted on thread and trades sent.

Edit by Kratos: I've made a poll page for Neko's sprites, in the page you can vote for which sprite you want done first. Since Neko's sprites take a good amount of time to make they all can't be rushed. You can find the link in "Miscellaneous" nav or you can just click here.

^ Edit Update: I've added two new Mega Evolutions into the game, the items can be found in the Item Shop.

For all those who didn't visit the chat or get on TPK's twitter we had a server issue and the host had to handle it I'm sorry for the downtime and the inconvenience however, TPK is back and running the cronjobs didn't run so I'll have that fixed once again sorry guys.

Anyway I know I promised some new Megas and they'll be out soon so patiently waits!

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