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07/31/13 10:31pm

EDIT#10: Kratos: I crash camel into bridge, I no care, I love it.

EDIT #9: It seems that it isn't clear that doing anything to gain an advantage over others in any aspect or feature of the game WILL get you banned. Bribing any member OR someone of staff status will get you in trouble if you are caught. Lying will not help your case either, so don't do that. Thanks for reading, and keep all of this in mind before doing something that you might regret. - Stalker

Edit#8: After the SVP is over, I, Covenant, will thereby be stepping down from the post of moderator. Due to life issues I have going on atm, I have not been making the best choices as a staff member, nor have I been doing a good job as a member of staff. Never the less, have fun with the SVP guys! :) ~ covenant

Edit #7: No body is to join the SVP until we figure out what the error is. ~ Covenant nvm carry on.

Edit #6: The Event being delayed is my fault, I assumed B0sh knew what the pokemon is that the masses would be training. Sorry guys. ~Covenant

Edit #5: The event will be delayed some time please bear with it. Hopefully tomorrow it will start again apologize for the delay :)

Edit #4: Covenant: Due to Light dropping out early of the SVP, I have decided to replace him with Starscream, our very own Trial Mod. Lets all hope Light gets his life things straightened out and comes back to us as soon as possible. :)

Edit #3: Light: Just announcing that I will not be taking part in the staff vs player event, I have too much going on in life and find it hard to even bother, i'll be on the rpg semi often, send me a message if you need me, don't think i'll be on chats for a bit. Sorry guys.

Edit #2: Stalker: Pardon my inactivity from TPK, but upcoming events will quite possibly neglect me the time to hop on TPK and to help whoever needs help. I'm unsure of when I'll resume the entirety of my activity on TPK, but with the more active staff like B0sh and Kira, they can help you if you need help. ~Stalker

Edit: Trade is back up and running if you notice any errors please report them thank you. ~ Kratos

Okay guys! You ready for another event?! Well, here's the deal. Its the first official TPK Staff versus Players. In this event, you will have the chance to show your pride as a trainer, and as a member of TPK. Here's what I need from you dedicated members, we only need 7 so you better hurry, message me in game your trainer level and your trainer EXP. I'll keep this post updated with the members and staff who will be entering the SVP. If you don't make it this time, don't fret, there will ALWAYS be another time. :)

Applications are closed, good luck and have fun everyone.

Staff currently participating:
1. Covenant
2. B0sh (Playing As ChaoZ)
3. Kratos
4. Stalker
5. Kira
6. Starscream
7. Neko

Members currently participating:
1. SniperShot
2. MistyMisty
3. Wantedninjaz
6. Vikash

You will be given the designated pokemon to train on August 8th.
You are NOT to trade the pokemon you are given.
You shall not, henceforth, cheat in anyway, if you are found doing so it will result in an immediate IP ban of your account, and a perma ban on chats.

Event begins on August 8th, and ends August 15th.

Main prize is a secret atm.
Top 3 trainers will earn a special prize.
ALL participants will get to keep their Pokemon regardless of the level after the event is over.
Winning team gets a special prize.

Personal note: Don't worry about trying to beat the others, this event is for pure sport and fun. :)

Applications are closed, good luck and have fun everyone.

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