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Rules and Consequences! - Also Event News

08/11/13 05:13pm

Starscream Edit: Do not accept the wtc pokemon, or even visit the page, the script glitched and there are a massive amount of errors, we are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. WTC should now be safe to use thank you for your patience. Don't forget to report any errors you may find.

Kira Edit: It appears there are some bugs with WTC. Do not trade/buy ShinyElekid/evolutions as all will be deleted apart from the winner and the previous winner.

Kratos Edit: I caught the flu so, I'll likely be away most the time until it's gone (sleeping!).

Light Edit: The top 3 got their Pokemon, I'm sorry for the issues.

Kratos Edit: Okay, so SvP event has ended, top #3 trainers obtained a Forest Riolu and the rest who tried obtained a Shiny Riolu. Hope everyone enjoyed watching this SvP Staff won!

Neko Edit: Okay, just a reminder that the SvP event ends tomorrow!

UPDATE BY B0SH: Tech support guy came. He was missing some part to get the internet working and they gotta ship that. The good news is our router had 8 days till it expires.

B0sh Edit: Today Lightning struck my house. The storm itself wasnt particularlly bad but this lightning was. It shot out 2tvs my router and wireless. Long story short internet might be out for 3-4 days. I aplogise in advance.

Recently, there have been users who don't care to obey the rules to their fullest and I'll be honest, it's starting to annoy me. However, I want to make it clear that anyone who is found to be evading their ban or breaking any rule, will suffer whatever consequences are deemed necessary. When you are banned, don't make another account to appeal. Contact the staff member who banned you on the chats, and then obey what they say. If you are told not to do something, then do not do it. Staff members won't be biased, just a heads up. Also, please give the rules a quick check through again, just for safety measure.

- RPG Rules
- Chatroom Rules
- Forum Rules
- Tips and Tricks for TPK's Rules

These rules are subject to change at any time, so be on the lookout for a new rule if one is to arise. Thanks for your time, I appreciate it. Have a great day everyone, and play more TPK! n.n


Be sure to keep an eye out on the Staff versus Players event that's currently going on! If you're on a team, get to training so you can get the goodies! If you aren't on a group, go support the group of your choosing! No matter what though, have fun and get along. Good luck to everyone who's participating in the event, I wish you all good luck!

--- Event ends on August 15th ---

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