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'New' Spriter...

07/30/13 11:37pm

Edit2: Forests and Soulless should also be up.

Edit: All Cloud and Spirit sprites that I originally made should be back up. If a Cloud or Spirit Pokemon is not appearing correctly, please leave me (Neko ID: #10) a message so I can get working on those.

Heya, everyone!

I know I quit a few months back for various reasons (some stupid, some reasonable)- and I know that hurt TPK quite a bit. However, I was recently asked to return as TPK is, once again, in need of a spriter. Initially, I was going to decline and resume my 'retirement' from spriting, but after some discussion with the current staff on TPK, I have been convinced to return to spriting. Any and all sprites I've made in the past for TPK will be re-uploaded over the next few days- it may take me some time to get them back up. After that is done, I'll begin remaking some sprites that the previous spriter had done.

I can't undo the past, but bear with me, please. I know I'm not the most pleasant person to be around, but I'm willing to help out again. I've been a bit stupid and selfish in the past and hope to correct that in time. It may take me some time to get back into the swing of things- especially since I have not touched any of the palettes in months- since I quit, actually.

If there are any old sprites that you think could be redone, feel free to ask- I'll look over them and see what I can do!

- Neko

(Note: I fail at news posts. Also, part of the terms of me returning was giving Kratos a 17 second ban. If this should occur when I'm offline, please screenie it! ^_^ )

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