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07/28/13 10:44pm

Light here!
Just a update on the situation with pokemon crypton, the site is now safe to play, it was not a issue of phishing, but the owner being a new coder and not knowing the proper way to encrypt, he does now and your passwords are safe, so if you wish, go back to playing!

[b]Edit: All sprites have been removed Soulless, Forest, Cloud, Spirit will display as normal Pokemon until we are able to find a spriter please be patient guys.

As you all see at the moment we have no spriters. For the time being likely we'll be using my worthless sprites which are really lame until further notice. Sorry everyone bare with these ugly spriters until we can find a better spriter!

Edit Light/Nakayomi here!
As you know tpk is currently out of a spriter, and we have these plain jane ugly ass normal pokemon infecting all our beautiful types! So what i'd like to do is put out a invite to all members, to show us your sprites for a possible spriter position! Post what you have in this thread.

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