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Speedruns The Update

09/24/19 06:33pm

Hey TPK,

I'm live-streaming my speedrun attempts right now at

New Update: Speedruns

Today, we're bringing you the latest and greatest TPK action. If you've ever logged into this game you'll have noticed that speedrun select button. It used to work in 2017, but it's been over a year since it got any development. First a few pages stopped working, then errors showed up when restarting attempts, and finally I just disabled the whole feature. I've wanted to fix it up for quite some time, but my vision for what speedruns should be relied on completing the map engine, and completing the quest system. Now all my requirements are met with the last update ' Dragon's Den and the quest system.

If you aren't familiar with speedruns, the concept is to beat a game in the shortest time possible. Some games, like TPK, don't have a specific ending point to the game. Speedrunners will come up with different categories to compete for a low time to achieve a specific goal. Here on TPK I've implemented 5 different categories so far listed below.

> Gym% - Defeat the 48 gym leaders in the Pokemon League.
> Giratina% - Complete the 'A Secret Dungeon Story' Quest.
> Celebi% - Complete the 'Corvus Investigation' Quest.
> Reshiram% - Complete the 'Below the Mystic' Quest.
> Arceus% - Complete 8 Crystal achievements.

To compete in one of these categories, you'll go to the speedrun select page and create a new account on the speedrun server. There's no limit on the number of accounts you make there, unlike on TPK Blue. This way you can have as many speedrun attempts as you want with fresh accounts each time. It'll let you pick your starter and options like your layout before hand so you don't have to waste time changing them. In speedrun mode many things are turned off as well, since it is a solo experience. You won't be able to interact with other players by trading, battling, or even messaging (Chaterpie is completely disabled).

Most of you haven't done speedruns before, and I want to encourage everyone to give it shot. That's why we're introducing new specific speedrun rewards. Finishing any speedrun attempt (no matter the time) will give rewards on TPK Blue depending on your category. Some even have rare bonus rewards, such as Celebi% with a chance to earn ShinyCelebi. All of the rare bonus rewards slowly become more likely as you finish runs, so hopefully dry streaks will be mitigated. We hope people will try to earn some of these.

Future Plans

Speedruning as a feature isn't complete yet. I hope to add a few more things in the next few weeks. Here's a list of planned features:

> Map% - Complete all map quests.
> Pokédex% - Collect x number of Pokédex entries. (~500)
> Par times for categories to improve your rare reward rates
> Master titles for speedrun world record holders
> TPK Quality of Life improvements that impact speedruns
> Trainer Level and Map Level requirements to do speedruns

If anyone has ideas for other rewards that could come from speedruns please let me know. I really want to make sure that this feature lasts and becomes a real fun way to experience TPK.


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