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Achievements Rework!

08/08/19 09:11pm

Hey TPK, welcome back to the Showdown Show.
Hey TPK, we're back with some more updates. While it's not "new content" that you can get your hands on and live a completely new experience with, we are hoping to promote activity with this. Huge thanks to Jess for doing all of the grunt work to make this update possible. This is a lengthy post, so I apologize in advance.

The achievements have been around since the dawn of time, and we haven't really experimented with changing it, although the thought has crossed our mind many times. Today is the day to change that; we've redesigned and reworked the achievements to (hopefully) take longer to complete, while also giving a more meaningful set of rewards and sense of accomplishment. Behold, the short but detailed list of changes:

Achievements Page Redesign
When TPK Blue was released, we added 7 new achievements, but also deleted one, leaving us with a total of 16 different achievements. It was a pretty big increase in quantity, and made the page very long to scroll down. We wanted to clean that up to make it look more presentable and fit on one page please don't hurt us mobile users, so we've broken it up into different categories now. With the way we set this up, we are able to add more in the future without screwing up the rewards, so expect more to be added later. Another small side note is that the achievement stats on your profile page have been updated to match the new setup.

There are currently 6 categories in total; Battles, Maps, Mining, Minigames, Secret Dungeon, and General. Each category contains achievements that are related to each other. They can be viewed by switching between the various tabs on the page.

New Achievements and Rebalancing
If you thought 16 different achievements was a lot, we've got some more to throw your way. 17 more, to be exact. Some of the new ones include, but are not limited to:
- WTC Score Points
- Shinies Encountered
- Pickaxe Level
- Higher or Lower hurray

On top of this, we have looked over the existing ones and have done a second balance pass with them. For the most part they are unchanged, but a couple of achievements like Team Headquarters had their numbers tweaked to make more sense, rather than looking like they were randomly picked.

Legacy Rewards
If you feel that you are missing out on some of the Pokémon that were obtained through achievements, we do plan on reintroducing them to the game. We have a few ideas, and will make an announcement when they are available again.

The various Arceus types will remain locked behind crystal-tier achievements like they were before. However, since there are now twice as many achievements to complete, an Arceus will be rewarded for every 8 crystal-tier achievements completed, rather than every 4. We don't have a reward for completing all 33, and likely will not add one since we want to add more achievements in the future, but we do want to give some new prizes for reaching higher milestones in the future (e.g: 40 crystal-tier achievements.)

New Rewards
For the most part, the Pokémon prizes seemed a bit lackluster for one reason or another. They got a bit better towards the end but there hasn't been much interest or trade activity with them from what we have seen. As such, we are trying something completely new and introducing buffs to help you with your grind. Each category of achievements has 4 or 5 buffs that enhance your gameplay by some degree. For example, the first buff for the General category is that you are now able to earn bank interest. Yeah, I said it. bank interest. ??free money??.

New Progression
Disclaimer: All of your current stats are still counting towards the new achievements, however you will need to re-complete them on the Achievements page.
We decided to move away from the idea that each achievement gives the same amount of progress towards your next reward, and are now weighing the achievements based on their difficulty to complete. In hindsight, it sounds silly thinking about how reaching Trainer Level 7 gave the same amount of "progress" as reaching Mining Level 750.

Each category has an individual completion bar, and as such, each achievement in a specific category will give different amounts of progress to said category. Trainer Level 7 will not be giving a chunk of progress towards your next reward anymore, but something like Trainer Level 12 will be huge. Crystal-tier achievements are now unlocked on a per category basis, so once you complete all of the platinum-tier Battle achievements, you will unlock crystal for the Battle category.

Scyther Contest
To add a small drop of competition to this new update, I will be giving away a special prize from Scyther to the first three players that complete all of the platinum-tier achievements. If you are among the first to complete them, send me a message and then I will verify. Once verified, your reward will be delivered. Good luck to everyone!

Man, that was a mountain of text. Stay tuned for more updates, we have a really big one in the works now that this is done. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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