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Small Updates

01/05/19 11:00am

We've put out a couple of small changes in the past few days, thanks to Stalker. Here they are:

Shops QoL
If you missed the announcement, a small QoL feature was added to the shops yesterday; You can view the rarity of the Pokémon on the page now! Just hover over the Pokémon sprite to see its current rarity.

WTC Changes
The WTC page has been updated again. First, the page text has been modified a little bit to fit the new format, so be sure to read it! Next, we tossed normal WTCs to the side (small exceptions) and brought back Forest and Cloud Pokémon as the "common" types. On top of the type change, we have also increased the minimum level to keep your Pokémon in Standard WTCs to 400. A new WTC mode has also been added, but it won't show up for a few weeks. Lastly, if you train your WTC Pokémon to 600, you will receive a Silver Bottle Cap at the end of the week regardless of if you win or not.

That's it for now. Give us some feedback! We would love to hear it. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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