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New Year, New TPK

01/01/19 01:35am

This is going to be yet another long news post, so bear with us!

Extra! Extra! Step right up and get your piping hot news, fresh off the printer.

The "Shop" Update
If you haven't read the last news post, I talked a bit about how all of the shops are getting brand new lineups of Pokémon. That time has finally come! There are only a couple of instances of this, but some Pokémon have been shifted from one shop to another (e.g: Bagon has been moved from Mining Shop to Battle Point Shop.) This has been done to follow some of the themes we have put in place, not to water down the experience by repeating Pokémon. Furthermore, not only were the shops updated, but plenty of other things have changed as well! Check around the site to see if any Pokémon or items have been replaced.

Map Engine Progress
This project is entirely B0sh's doing, so I'll let him give us the details on this one.
[quote=1]You've probably heard me talk about the new map system in chat and various other places as the answer to all of the issues with maps that have come up. And while it does address TPK's biggest concerns like Mobile controls and that evil stair tile in Polaris, it's mostly a backend change. I'm at the stage now where I have to go through every bit of map code and port it to the new system. It's going very smoothly from the work I've spent designing the new system archicture up to this point, but there's still 1,000s of lines of code left to convert.

The main benefit of the new map system is the ability to quickly make new maps for TPK. In fact to test the creation of maps I put together two new glitch maps in just a few hours. (not counting the Pokemon Red hacking I did months ago for the raw image...) These came out so well that you can expect these maps to be released along with the map system.

I had set a deadline for myself to finish the map system on the new year... but it didn't happen. I don't know when this will be finished but there is still so much work left to go. The hardest part is past us though. I included an image of the new mobile mode layout. I'm looking for feedback from mobile players to see what they need from the controls. [/quote]Mobile Mode Maps Preview

..and we're back.

With all of these recent changes, we would really like to get opinions from the community. There's usually a lot of discussion in Chaterpie, but most of that information just gets lost after a couple of days, so the best way to keep feedback would be on the Boards. Similar to how B0sh handles the Snorlax's Suggestions for features, I will be starting to ask for everyone that wants to give feedback to start posting threads in there. That way we have a backlog to go through, as well as being able to learn from our mistakes (and successes!) in order to make the game more entertaining for everyone. I really want nothing but the best for TPK, and this would be a great start to the new year.

You made it to the end, so thanks for reading! We'll have some more stuff to talk about soon enough, but that's all for now folks. Have a TPK day! ~Altios

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