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Another TPK Update

01/11/15 07:07pm

Hi. ~ Kratos

Hi, my name is B0sh.

To our new members who have recently joined us, welcome!

We are approaching the 2nd anniversary of this version of TPK. On February 1st we will begin our annual TPK Birthday party bash! Expect a week long palooza with lots of quests, prizes, and drama.

I've already announced the addition of EVs and IVs into v1.7, but what I haven't announce publicly is how old Pokemon will be integrated into that system. All current Pokemon will have their EVs set to 0, and they will have randomly rolled IVs. Pokemon that are over level 1,000 will have a extra IV roll. I'm making near daily progress on v1.7, but there is still plenty of work to do before it can be release. I had originally wanted 1.7 to be out for the birthday, but its clear that will not happen. We are spending quite a lot of time on each feature, making sure that its consistent, bug free, and well thought out. As always, if you have any ideas or suggestions feel free to contact me in chat. I've already implemented several great ideas from members like you. You can only make TPK better.

GoldenBagon has stepped down as moderator, we will not be looking for a person to fill that spot at the moment.

As I continue to get busier and busier, TPK continues to exist. Its getting harder and harder for me to find time, and TPK is suffering because of it. I realize this, and I am trying my best to do what I believe in. I still love TPK, and nothing will ever change that.


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