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Happy New Years!

01/01/15 02:20am

Edit: For the new years event (well, not really an event), the new Soulless (which was delayed, sorry for the inconvenience) will be an obtainable legend. For those who cannot currently obtain this Pokemon, please wait until January the 5th. The Pokemon will be obtainable within the Market Plaza.

Happy news years and welcome to 2015! "I haven't heard from this guy in awhile" is probably what you're thinking. Sorry everyone, but work has me on the ropes. However, I'm trying my best to create free time. I've been secretly working on V1.7 lately (not much, but something at least). My mIRC recently broke and I've had no idea why, hence the lack of me being on IRC, but I'm around still. No worries, I haven't completely vanished on you guys. I'll keep everyone updated, just felt that I had to let the community know that I'm well and alive. ;)

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