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The State of TPK

08/05/14 01:45pm

Covenant Edit: On the note of TPK's inactivity, Things will begin to spice up again. Its that time of year again folks! That's right, SVP(Staff Vs Players), Will henceforth, be called TPKs Revolution. A basic run-down of the Revolution. There will be two teams. The goal of this 'event' is to train more than the opposing team. The winning team will receive a grand prize, while the top 3 trainers will receive an even grander prize. But! Do not fret my friends. Everybody who participates will get to keep the pokemon that they were given to train. *note: Everybody will be given the exact same pokemon to train.* Do you have what it takes to be in the top 3 and lead your team to victory? Find out August 10th-22nd. Signups begin August 8th. Don't let your team down, join when the sign-ups open!

It's no secret that TPK's activity has been steadily declining the last month or so. After much thought about this matter I've decided to "revive" TPK. During v1, TPK had lots of feature updates, and that's something I believe I have lost sight on. I haven't given up on TPK, far from it. This has been my passion the last 4 years of my life, and I'm not going to let it go anywhere.

First off, we are going to start having weekly chat contests that will be integrated into the game. All you'll have to do is get on chats Thursday at 7:30 PM TPK time. (This time will likely be changed, but that is what we're going with for now)

Every day for the next week we will be having a new feature added. While these are small things, these features are made with the goal of keeping TPK interesting. Check the changelog to see what things have been added.

After this, work is going to continue with v1.7. At the very least I intend on spending an hour a day actually working on TPK, but hopefully I can do more.

As usual, if you have any comments, questions, or ideas feel free to send me a chat PM. At this point I'm open to anything as a possibility. 

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