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Rule change, and etc.

07/06/14 09:33am

Aurion Edit: What's good guys, Aurion (AKA Kratos) here just letting everyone know B0sh and I are both working on V1.7 at our fullest due to work and all sorts of things recently I haven't had much free time but don't worry I haven't forgotten TPK! Visit the chat/forums more often and let's all work together and put TPK back on it's feet.

Aurion Edit: Yo, wondering who this is? Don't worry I'm Kratos starting today I've changed my username to Aurion due to confusion of other Kratos' all around the Pokemon Community however I'll still go as "Kratos" on the chat.

Kratos Edit: Rule #17 has been removed and #3 has been modified please review the rules.

B0sh Edit: After much deliberation, I've decided to ban the technique known as "scroll battling." Its gotten to the point where it is too powerful compared to the normal method of training. Rule 17 has been updated and battles are temporarily scroll-less to inform people that this method is no longer possible.

A new rule has been added. Rule #17 - RPG rules.

On another note; I realize I haven't been as active as I'd like to be as of recent. However, my life has been crazy since about 3~ weeks ago. Found a job, then outta the blue my Step-brother decides to come visit. So yeah..

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