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V1.7 Progress & Forum Reset

06/10/14 10:40pm

Edit by Kratos #2: Everyone I constantly remind you please do not use the same password on other RPGs, in result another user was hacked. Keep your password unique and different from any other site for your accounts safety.

Edit by Kratos: So I've optimized the forum, reset it, increased speed and increased security for register. You will be required to re-register your account on the forum however. The forum boards now each have a "Read Before Posting" topic to keep them more regulated please follow them before posting help keep our forum clean and less confusing.

What's good guys Kratos here, now I'm sure a lot of you are wondering "What's going on with V1.7? Like any new progress? We know Kratos is a slow noob!!!111!!" progress is good we've just been doing loads of tweaks and modifies and changes as we go which sometimes requires us to back track but hey the more better the more fun right? Anyhow we'll keep you guys updated as much as possible!

Secondly, forum reset? What does this mean, well after looking around I noticed a lot of messy areas and spam Bots and all sorts of stuff some areas aren't regulated properly so I felt that it was time to reset the forums (hopefully a one time thing) tighten up security for register to prevent bots and regulate the areas a little more properly so yes this does mean the forum may be down for a couple hours possibly a day or two so please wait patiently (because of this you won't be able to post any comments sadly lol..).

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