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Randomlocke Contest!

04/27/14 02:36pm

Edit by Kratos: As Neko stated little earlier about a multi-screen of all streams I've set that up which can be found at the link below however it may be very laggy for some of you so be aware.


Heya, TPK!

Lunar, Bagon, and I are hosting a contest this Wednesday at 6 PM TPK time! The three of us will all be doing randomlocke challenges of Pokemon Soul Silver- and livestreaming the entire thing.

What is a Randomlocke? It is a version of the game in which numerous aspects of the game are randomized. This includes the Wild Pokemon in each route, the Pokemon of trainers, the abilities of each Pokemon, the typing of each Pokemon, the moves of each Pokemon, held items, field items, etc. etc. This alone makes the game more difficult and harder to predict since the only thing we really know about the Pokemon we're catching are their stats. Combine this with the basic rules of a nuzlocke challenge, and you've got the recipe for pure disaster, frustration, and chaos.

Now- where does the contest play in? Well- the members of TPK will be allowed to make bets on things that will happen in the games. For example- someone could bet that I will be the first to completely wipe out- or that Bagon's first encounter for Sprout Tower will be a Bidoof. The more specific the bet, the less likely you will be correct- but you'll get more points! The TPK members are also in charge of naming our Pokemon. Please refrain from stupid nonsense though! This isn't Twitch!

The person with the most points at the end of all three runs will win! Since the game will take several hours to beat- we will be streaming in smaller increments every so often until the games are complete. This week we will go for two hours. The time and date for the next portion of the runs will be announced as soon as they are planned.

For more information on the rules and randomizations of the games, please click here!

Contest prizes:

1st: SpiritLapras
2nd: CloudHappiny
3rd: ForestGrowlithe

Links to the livestreams

Neko's Stream
Bagon's Stream
Lunar's Stream

We will hopefully put together a page with all three livestreams on it soon! But for now, there are the individual pages.

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