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Trade up & V1.7.0

02/25/14 07:00pm

Edit by Kratos #3: Due to an known error I was forced to delete all Lucky Egg+ excluding Lucky Egg++ (if you haven't used it).

Edit by Kratos #2: The issue with Cronjobs was due to daylight savings time change so I fixed it up should be all good.

Edit by Kratos: Progress on V1.7 has been decent many layout modifications, several changes to pages. The most time-consuming part would be changing everything to PDO but it's in the works. I'll get back to you guys when the boring stuff is done!

Okay, so Trade is back up I fixed ever issue I could find it should be good however, if you notice any errors or problems report them asap and I'll look into them.

So, lately I and B0sh has been working on V1.6.5 and now we decided to call it V1.7 we'll possibly or likely show screenshots of V1.7 and we'll post updates about it here and there so don't forget to view the news often and you can share your opinions below in the comment section.

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