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Spirit Day Glitch/Bug

02/23/14 12:43am

Kratos Edit: Hey, I've been terribly busy for the past week been doing a lot of changes with my life and such not that it matters to you all but it's the reason I've been away most the time I'll be back and up coding again soon guys so please wait patiently for me thanks.

B0sh Edit: Glitch resolved. I deleted any extra Axews that were gotten by the same user and I fixed the glitch. You may trade them as you wish now.

It has come to our attention that there is a bug/glitch with spirit day.

As many of you know, each account is supposed to only be able to obtain one spirit Pokemon each month. However, it seems that some users have reported that they are capable of catching more than one. Know that this is a bug/glitch and is NOT normal. As such, anyone caught catching multiple spirit Pokemon WILL be punished for glitch/bug abuse. You have been warned.

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