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DB Updated

01/08/14 12:32am

Kratos Edit: Sorry for the delay on register guys just been getting busy here and there it should be up and running later tonight or tomorrow once again sorry and thanks for the patience.

Notice: I've cleared out PMs, Profile Comments, Fast Battles due to conflicts with old ID's the updates failed to run through them properly but I'm pretty sure those aren't a big deal if so sorry guys. ~ Kratos

Notice: If you're having issues with your account or notice something is wrong report to us right a way thank you. ~ Kratos

You'll notice your ID is lower, this cause we deleted all the banned users from V1.5 giving everyone a fresh chance to play again like stated before HOWEVER like I said before we will be watching and will be strict so don't think you'll get away this time around (referring to those who've been banned) anyway cronjobs have been fixed, rankings have been fixed and Bot is now probably the richest user. xD

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