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On the subject of Explosion

10/16/13 09:44pm

Edit by Kratos(Again...): Now I notice this a very late notice however I felt that everyone should know why Light has quit, TPK has placed a lot of stress on him because of that he was getting stress in his personal life this is one major reasons he quit he has many others which is his personal business I'd like everyone too thank Light if they possibly get the chance for his wonderful and helpful work at TPK he was one of the best. :)

Edit by Kratos: This coming week or sometime tomorrow I'll slowly be releasing Mega evolutions I won't say how but I will tell which Mega evolution Pokemon is out, I'll make these quite rare as they'll appear once in awhile but they'll be 3 Mega Evolutions coming out.

Edit by Covenant: I'm back. o.o How's it goin' guys?

Edit By Kratos: My first official contest on TPK: Click me!
Congratulations Lambex won the contest.

Recently there has been an update involving the move 'Explosion'. It is a move with 250 base power, quite the hefty move. I didn't want to change it in the past because it was pretty expensive already, didn't have widespread use, and I couldn't figure out how to do it (in my head anyway). Well I ended up changing it, and now people are whining because I changed my mind.

Anyone with the move explosion or self destruct that wants to sell their move at 62.632% price can post here and I'll remove the move. This is a one time occurrence that will be allowed until October 24th.

Remember if you guys really get on my nerves I can make Focus Punch and Hyper Beam take a move of charging ;)

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