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09/10/13 09:57pm

The winner of the CloudDeoxys contest was chosen by a random picker script, the winner is Kira.

Cloud Slakoth Contest on Forums Gogogo!

Edit by Kratos: Sorry guys, just lately been busy with work, school and etc a lot of things going on and I don't get to much spear time but I'll try my best to be more active.

Edit by Kratos: No seriously, I got shot in the face... <- This wasn't real.

Edit to the rules: If you have been banned, but have since reformed and become a good member of the rpg, you can still enter, staff will determine who is worthy.

Next week I take my first vacation from this job I've been working for a year now, so as a little "I'm happy and you should be too" I'm now holding a contest! what do you have to do to enter? Simple! have NO banned accounts, ever, and two weeks play time, post in forums saying "My ID is: " and on Monday I'll pick a winner! what's the prize you ask? Well, that's a fun question! prize is a Cloud Deoxys(?), more however, are going to be obtainable, how you ask? Secret dungeon shop! on a unknown floor, it can be found, but not at this gender, have fun everyone!

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