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Busy, busy. :(

07/13/13 02:16am

ATTENTION: It has come appeared that the site Pokemon Crypton may be dangerous. Best solution to stay safe is keep a different password for each thing including a different password for The Pokemon Kingdom as well as other places you may access to. To create a safe password use free generating sites such as to create a safe secure password. Thank you and have a great time playing The Pokemon Kingdom.

Kratos: I just want to confirm with you all, I only work for TPK and no longer own my own RPG anyone that acts as me outside of TPK using the name "Kratos" is likely not me. Thanks.

Light: The Tpk chat rules have been updated, I'd suggest you all go look.

Axlotl: PKMNStar is a site that should be considered dangerous, as its owner logs all passwords in plain text. If you are a member on that site, the staff highly advises you to change your passwords immediately. Thank you for understanding.
(Note: We do not intend to harm or start problems with other sites, this is a simple warning for the sake of our members.)

Sorry guys been busy lately. Hopefully this week we'll have some new updates and that trade(I hate it with passion) back and running. Remember you can always suggest ideas in the forums to help improve TPK and make it more fun for the community.

Hoping by the end of this summer a lot of new unique features will be released so keep checking the news for new updates, that's all for now.

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