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Where is trade?!

06/28/13 12:39am

Event Update: I hope everyone enjoyed the event and had a good time for all those who joined and tried obtained a Snorlax!

Birthday Update: Happy birthday to our owner B0sh, for this there is a event out which can be found here; Event.

Trade Update: New color yay... Well, we ran into a few issues with trade trying solve it hopefully sometime tomorrow HOPEFULLY it'll be back and running, don't we all hate errors?!

Update (Once again...): I've managed to speed up the site a little more some may notice a difference some may not overall there has been a change. Trade should be up and running sometime tomorrow hopefully have to run a few tests and make sure there isn't any glitches/errors.

Safety Update: As some of you may heard one of our members were hacked by the owner of "PokeCrpg" for you're own safety I recommend not using the same password on that website, he does not encrypt your information.

Trade Update: The new trade script is nearly done just needs a little more testing and some more coding it should be out tonight or tomorrow thanks for being patient guys!

Due to trade having so many issues and problems I put it down, I'll be recoding trade and hopefully it'll be out sometime this week due to me being busy with other things but don't worry trade will be up and running real soon!

Also, I'd like to crongraluate Kira on her promotion she is now a Mod, yay!

Remember everyone if you find errors or glitches report them asap... or feel my wrath...

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