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02/06/13 05:29pm

Edit #3:
Battle count has been reset for all users. The daily count was not being reset, before (note the cron issues below). Previously gained achievements has been kept. - B0sh

Edit #2:
There was a view errors with cronjobs however I fixed it so all those daily stuff should run good now, sorry again. - Kratos

I'll fix the Mines errors once I handle the Trade errors the page is down at the moment I don't want no future serious problems.
Please wait patiently everyone thank you... - Kratos

TPK may and may not be up for a lot of people sometimes it'll be on/off the DNS for the server is still updating as some of you know this can take 48-72 hours. At the moment a few serious errors are being fixed not such a great start for us but oh well at least TPK is up that's what matters.

You may notice a few errors, which are currently trying to be solved unless this is an error that is within a feature do not report it until further notice thank you.

As expected there is still quite a few of other errors, once we finally handle all this server stuff we'll get back to fixing the site and adding more new features. :)

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