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02/03/13 12:08pm

Server Issues:
If you're seeing this that means you have access to TPK and where most users don't due to a server issue TPK isn't accessible for a few people we are planning to upgrade our server ASAP. So sit tight and let the rest who have no clue know. Thank you.

Training Accounts?
You MAY not I'll repeat MAY not create a training gym account until 500+ users, B0sh as allowed one by a staff member if I see any other training gym accounts you will be banned. View the rules for accounts please.

Another Edit:
So yes, I do expect you guys to find errors but I do expect you guys to report them if you have any issues or so confront the staff or I and B0sh.

Finally after all that hard work we bring you guys the new improved TPK as you can see many changes and new features.

Of course there is way more to come slowly and slowly as we update.

As you can see there is an event on the left side menu and if you may connect your new account with your old account on the right side menu in the "Miscellaneous" category.

Enjoy the new TPK guys! Expect better to come!

If you notice any kind of bugs or errors please report asap. Anyone caught abusing them will be banned right away and trust me you WILL be caught.

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