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Server Update

05/13/12 09:57pm

We've finally updated our Server to a VPS Server. You should notice TPK is much slower and notice now that we have a new domain:

Any errors, broken links found please report them right away!

I'm still working on v1.5.0 so expect more updates about that, as for now enjoy guys.

Edit by Kratos:
As much as it's gonna suck to say this... after v1.5.0 is released I'm gonna have to quit. Two of my old friends who use to program on my old RPG came back and decided that we'd continue it. Don't worry, I have no intention of leaving TPK without completing v1.5.0 nor do I have any plans on stealing anything from TPK.

Love Edit:
Yo, Easter event is in the Captcha's
ONLY works in Battle.
And no you cannot scam the system by doing the minigame.

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