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v1.4.7 Update

05/11/12 08:46pm

I know that Kratos is still working on v1.5.0, but I've still been coding my own things. Here's a list of the updates that have transpired over this last few weeks.

You can mine more than once, but there is a wait time involved
Impossible game has been made much faster
New achievements have been added.
Searching pages in the buy Pokemon page has been made easier to navigate
Due to popular demand: Added searching filter to buy page.

Bug Fixes:
You cannot battle banned users.
The cap on price per ore works now. It is 25,000$

Edit: 12/5/2012:
Don't forget to visit; Progress List for v1.5.0 updates and such.

Oh, we've got the new server and domain however the domain takes 24-48 hours to update so until it updates we gotta stick with the current server. Further news will be posted about this.

Nuff Love, Kratos.

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